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IFAM Assembly Guide - Play Yards

IFAM Assembly Guide - Play Yards

We have received many questions such as installation guide, is it hard to assemble, suitable for what mats etc. for our Play Yards and Storage Organizers. These are very good questions which helps the savvy parents make the best decision.

Therefore, we are coming up with a series of IFAM assembly guides to cover IFAM Play Yards and Toy Organizers.

First up on our list...

IFAM Assembly Guide - Play Yards

IFAM range of Play Yards are extremely easy to fix and this step by step guide will show you why is that so!

  1. Here is the box measuring at 93.5x31x74cm, weighing in at 13kg

    Marshmallow play yard cartons weigh 13kg

  2. Unboxing!

    Un-boxing of Marshmallow play yard set

  3. Laying it out

    Most of IFAM Play Yards do not come with corner pieces anymore as it doesn't fit with most baby play mats.
    Components of a play yard set

    Comes with a 3 step installation guide too!
    3 Steps play yard installation guide

  4. Hooking them up

    With everything laid out, the next step is to hook up each panel to assemble the play yard.
    Play yard assembly step 1

    Play yard assembly step 2

    Play yard assembly step 3

    Play yard assembly completed
You are done! JOB COMPLETED!

Ensure play yard door can swing in both directions

Shell Play Yard Set in Action!

Shell Play Yard Set assembly completedp.s. above pictures provided by an AWESOME customer! 

Easy isn't it?

Alright, we are done with the installation guide for IFAM play yards. If you have any questions, email us at We will get back to you as soon as we can!


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