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MyLO Mosquito Repellent Spray (100ml) - Bundle of 5

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12hrs Protection Against Mosquitoes

Protecting 100,000+ Babies, Kids & Pregnant Mamas Around The World

Essential Oils Only - Strong, Effective & Not Overpowering

Long Lasting Effectiveness Against Pesky Bugs

Stick Well & Does Not Leave Sticky Residue

12hrs Protection Anytime Anywhere

“Comparing to other brands that I have tried, this brand works the best and keeps mosquitoes away from my little one!”

– Yvonne Lim

“The effectiveness of the patch is very good! I’m a magnet to mozzie and after using the patch, I seldom got bitten, Even myself as an adult used it too!”

– Michelle Li

“The smell is very mild yet effective… love that one patch can last 24/7.. definitely my first choice as its made from nature ingredients”

– Alivia

“Smell is not overpowering. It is easy to use and the stickiness last. Most importantly safe for
Infants to use too.”

– Belle

“These non-toxic patches are able to remain scented the whole day. Esp critical if ifc/childcare is located at dengue hotspots.”

– Mich

Have tried the mosquito patch and the smell is very nice! Very useful in keeping my baby safe when we go outdoors. Long lasting and effective 👍🏻

“This patch is obviously different from the rest, it can last for 24 hours and it stickiness of the patch is good compared to others.”

– Vanessa

“The patch stickiness is effective even after removal. The scent is still lingering in fact!
Does not stain nor leaves sticky residue on my baby's clothes.”

– Sal Amin

“they don't get bites after pasting & it doesn't leave a sticky feel on the clothes. Highly recommended!”

– Jasmine Wee

“Bought a few types from other brands, surprisingly MyLO is the best, in terms of the effectiveness of the stickers and it smells good, and no more mozzie near my daughter.”

– Syamira Bakhari

“Have tried others, but my LO still gets bitten alot. But with this patch , she's been free of bites so far.”

– Shinchia